Our Differentiator

Investment Process

Our investment process and philosophy is aimed at meeting the goals of our clients. Therefore, we always consider the preservation of capital as the fundamental pillar when making investments. The portfolio is divided into three parts, each with a special selection of assets that meets a particular predetermined objective. Together, the three divisions create a moderate portfolio that gives us risk and return that fit our parameters.

  • Short-term capital protection
  • No particular bias for benchmark indices (S&P 500, MSCI World Index)
  • Flexible approach with orientation to the philosophy of "value"
  • Ability to invest across all asset classes, regions, sectors and company sizes
Proceso de inversión

Tactical Strategy

Our tactical strategy is based on the analysis of three different types of factors, fundamental, technicians and descriptive. The unique qualities of each factor are taken into account in the design of an elaborate layout to maximize profitability.

Investment Platform: NetX360 by Pershing LLC

Pershing LLC, a BNY Mellon company, is a leading provider of clearing and custody services. It is outsourced by institutional and wealth management firms for trading and settlement services, investment solutions, bank and brokerage custody, back office and back office support, data insights and business advice.


We charge an annual fee, on a quarterly basis, based on the absolute balance of the portfolios.

The benefits of investment management based on an annual fee are:

  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • We have no pressure to sell or buy assets – we invest in line with your financial goals
  • Low commissions and costs for your account
  • Greater flexibility without any additional cost

Our commission:

  • 0 a 3MM
  • 3 a 5MM
  • 5 a 10MM
  • 10 a 25MM
  • 25 a 50MM
  • 50MM +
  • 1.50% per annum
  • 1.25% per annum
  • 1.00% per annum
  • 0.80% per annum
  • 0.60% per annum
  • Negotiable
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Ballestas Group provides a comprehensive private wealth management solution to help you organize and make your wealth profitable, maximizing value through risk management.


We are dedicated to providing a high level of customer service in a proactive and responsible manner. Our clients are the foundation of our practice. As such, we are committed to making a meaningful impact in their lives by guiding them to make informed financial decisions. We want to exceed your expectations by helping you achieve your goals.


Our main objective is to gain the trust of our clients in order to create a long-term relationship with them and their families. Just as important is being alert to possible changes and challenges that may arise in our clients' lives, to help them prepare for and meet those circumstances as they arise.